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i have a blog with a lot of varying themes http://ladylamia.wordpress.com but i wanted something that was strictly for my activism and feminism, so here you are!

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11th July 2011

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What kind of "doctor" is marcus bachmann? →

interesting post:

Over the weekend, Truth Wins Out and The Nation exposed the truth about Michele Bachmann’s husband’s Christian counseling service: It tries to “cure” gay people with harmful, quack-science “ex-gay” therapy…

ARS doubts in his post that Bachmann is even a licensed therapist.But Politico indeed confirms that he is not licensed and that Minnesota is one of the few states where you can practice therapy without a license:
The Minnesota Board of Psychology and the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy confirmed to POLITICO that Bachmann is not licensed with them. And a search of the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy license database returns no result.

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25th June 2011

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Senator Tom Duane's Moving Speech for Marriage Equality →

If you missed it last night, check out the video of highlights from openly gay Senator Tom Duane’s speech about marriage equality.

"most of all i want to thank my family, and i want to thank louis. you know, he was there when my brother died, my mother and my father. i was there when his brother died, when his mother and father died and i loved his parents. my whole family loves louis and i love louis’ family, and our nieces and nephews know us only as a couple. and we are like married to them, but of course we’re not, not yet. but the exact same love, the same commitment…

marriage says that we are a family. louis and i are a family, and marriage strengthens all families. it’s going to strengthen my family and all new york families…

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25th June 2011

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New yorkers take to the streets to celebrate gay marriage vote.
Great photo gallery over on gawker, check it out!

New yorkers take to the streets to celebrate gay marriage vote.

Great photo gallery over on gawker, check it out!

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11th April 2011

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10 Facts About America's Gays →

10. If all 50 states and the federal government recognized marriage for same-sex couples, the federal budget would benefit by over $1 billion each year.

1. 9 million LGBT people live in the U.S., 3.8 % of the adult population.

check out the full list at the advocate’s website. [via @unityms on twitter]

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1st February 2011

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why is SNL so trans-phobic? making fun of trans individuals is not humorous.

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26th January 2011


Arkansas Supermarket Censors, Then Possibly Uncensors Elton John Cover →

wtf? how is this even slightly offensive?!

elton john cover

great job arkansas! heteronormativity ftw.

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10th November 2010

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Speak Out Against Gawker "Tranny" Headline →

i generally enjoy gawker, but i have to say that when i saw the headline: "Barak Obama’s Indonesian Tranny Nanny" i was highly offended. yes, yes you’re witty, you can rhyme while using a demeaning slur! what’s even more disheartening is that gawker has not responded to comments pointing out that “tranny” is offensive, inappropriate, and a slur. of course the responses of other gawker commenters is all in the attitude of “oh shut up you stupid politically correct liberals. why do you have to ruin it for everyone? it’s FUNNY.”

i’m sure that gawker would never use the “N word” in a story, and i’d venture a guess that they’re probably not going to use the word “fag”, yet they throw around “tranny” as though it is not a derogatory term. an attitude of nonchalance regarding verbal harassment of trans people is simply not acceptable although it is common-place even within the lgbtq community. labels like “tranny” allow us to designate someone different as “other” and if we do not see them as a person it is very easy to not only verbally attack them but to physically attack them as well.

interestingly enough, gawker’s “sister site” jezebel has an article from june of this year that includes a discussion on the word “tranny”:

Kaveney writes… prejudice “starts with name-calling, but it doesn’t always end there.” Violence begins with words, starting with hate-speech and slurs. Furthermore, the words we use are always important, even within a community.

Please take a moment to let gawker know that using the word “tranny” is not funny, it is insensitive to a marginalized group of individuals who experience discrimination and violence on a daily basis. 90% of transgender youth reported feeling unsafe at school because of their gender expression; and 55% have experienced physical violence according to GLSEN. acceptance of hate speech and slurs does nothing but make it even that much harder for trans individuals and youth.

You can email gawker’s editor in chief Remy Stern <remy@gawker.com> and contact him via twitter @remystern please take a moment to speak out and let gawker know that using words like “tranny” is not ok!

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10th November 2010

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Students Who Wore 'Straight Pride' T-Shirts During Gay Bullying Awareness Week Will Not Be Punished →

this is disgusting.

Three St. Charles North High School students who wore T-shirts with the words “Straight Pride” and a Bible quote that references putting gay people to death will not face disciplinary action, school district officials said Tuesday.

The students told school administrators that the T-shirts were not meant to indicate a desire to cause harm, but to convey pride in being straight, according to students.

The three male students wore the T-shirts on Monday. They reportedly included a quote from Leviticus 20:13 which states, “If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to death.”


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8th November 2010

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Double Dose of DOMA Challenges →

The Defense of Marriage Act is due for a two-pronged attack on Tuesday, as two separate organizations and sets of lawyers, representing different plaintiffs, plan to file lawsuits in federal court challenging the federal definition of marriage…

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2nd November 2010

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Apple "Tranny" App is an Epic Fail →

i had not heard about this before but it’s really disgusting that it made it through the really difficult process of becoming an iphone app! great commentary on this blog:

Gender in this case was used as a weapon and this app specifically implied that trans people are falsifying who they are thus making it appropriate to mock them for the sake of entertainment. The genesis of this idea is cissupremacy.  Lisa Harney, defines cissexism as “the assumption that your sex, your gender are superior and more valid than trans people’s sex and gender.” Inserting a cisgender woman into the average picture would not give rise to amusement or give cause for derision because cis bodies are not only normalized, they are expected and respected. Gender is only considered comical when it involves trans people because their identities are not considered real rather trans identities are seen as an artificial and self constructed.

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