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23rd September 2011

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As Mississippi Debates Extreme 'Personhood' Amendment, Advocates Ask Where Are The Dems? →


A wonderful article on Huffington Post about what’s going on here in Mississippi.

…Hemmins and the No on 26 campaign said they are frustrated with the majority of Democratic politicians in Mississippi for refusing to publicly oppose the amendment.

“There’s been a lot of ‘off the record’ sentiment, but it’s really disappointing to not see state leadership publicly talk about the shortcomings and dangers of this initiative for the women and families of Mississippi,” said Leola Reis, a spokesperson for the No on 26 campaign.

The personhood measure actually has a fair amount of support from Mississippi Democrats. Jim Hood, the Democratic Attorney General, endorsed the amendment in a statement and said he would defend it if it were challenged. A spokesperson for Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, the Democratic candidate for governor, told HuffPost that that he supports the amendment as well, despite his “concerns about some of the ramifications.”

But of all the Democrats in the State Senate, only two were willing to discuss the ballot measure at all, when called by HuffPost…

Read the full article at HuffPo’s website. Please share it widely!!

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23rd September 2011

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Yes on 26 Launches Fake Website →


The Jackson Free Press reports:

The campaign working in support of the Personhood Amendment has launched a fake website to attack the Political Action Committee working against the ballot measure that would redefine the word person in the state Constitution. “Yes on 26” is using the site to call out Mississippians for Healthy Families’ registered officers Nsombi Lambright of the ACLU and Kay Scott of Planned Parenthood. The site attacks the organizations for their position on abortion rights.

Read the full story on their website.

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23rd September 2011

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The Facts about Amendment 26 →


From the Daily Mississippian:

…But on Nov. 8, birth control could become illegal in the state of Mississippi; yet another unintended consequence of Initiative 26. This so-called “Personhood Amendment” will change the legal definition of the word “person” in Article 111 of the state constitution to include “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

Read the full article on their site

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6th June 2011

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Personhood on Trial Today →

"Personhood" is on trial today, as the JFP is reporting:

Jackson Attorneys Robert McDuff and J. Cliff Johnson will stand before the full Mississippi Supreme Court today at 1:30 p.m. and explain why a ballot initiative giving rights to microscopic human eggs amounts to an illegal modification of the state constitution.

The plaintiff attorneys, who are working on behalf of two Lafayette County residents, oppose a 2-year-old effort by Personhood Mississippi to collect more than 130,000 signatures affirming a personhood-rights ballot issue. The organization successfully submitted the signatures to the secretary of state’s office in February 2010, and the issue is scheduled for the November ballot…

Follow the link to read the whole story in the Jackson Free Press.

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3rd November 2010

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Gloria Steinem: How Today’s Election Affects Women

This is the “personhood” movement she’s speaking about:

"The party platform includes a constitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would make a direct relationship between the law and a fertilized egg, which is when they say life begins," Steinem warns. "What that would do in real life is nationalize women’s bodies.  You could legally search a women’s womb to see if she was pregnant.  You could forcibly restrain her for all nine months of her pregnancy." Though voters may be frustrated with the Democrats, they should take a hard look at these proposed Republican policies, she says. "It’s important that we recognize how extreme the Republicans are in almost every case and how against our self interest it is to vote for them whether or not we are disappointed with the current crew."

read more/watch more video

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26th October 2010

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PersonhoodUSA: Promoting a Radical, Fetal-Separatist Agenda →

this is a great piece, and very difficult to read. here in mississippi we are one step closer to voting on fetal personhood. even the most widely-read newspaper in central MS, the Clarion Ledger, called personhood simply an “anti-abortion” issue. the truth is fetal personhood goes far beyond abortion and infringes on the right of a woman to control her own body, even when wanting to carry a pregnancy to term.

i urge you to read this whole article, but here are some excerpts:

The argument that eggs and fetuses may be treated as if they are legally independent of the women who carry them has been used to deprive pregnant women of their status as full constitutional persons. Angela Carder was forced to have cesarean surgery to advance the rights of the fetus inside of her. Shortly after the surgery both the baby and Ms. Carder died. Ms. Carder was deprived of her right to life. Recently, a pregnant woman was kept prisoner in a Florida hospital because doctors believed that doing so would advance the rights and health of her fetus. She nevertheless suffered a stillbirth. Ms. Burton was deprived of her right to liberty. Although courts in both cases eventually held that these deprivations of life and liberty were wrong, adopting fetal separatist measures would allow outsiders to take similar actions whenever they disagreed with the pregnant woman.

this scares the CRAP out of me. it’s like something out of a sci-fi film:

When doctors at a hospital learned that Laura Pemeberton was attempting to have a home birth, fetal separatist arguments became the basis for sending a sheriff to her home. She was taken into custody, forcibly restrained while in active labor, judged without representation and forced to undergo cesarean surgery, depriving her of her right to liberty, privacy, bodily integrity, medical decision-making, and due process of law.

(Via Deirdra Harris-Glover)

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26th October 2010


MS Personhood - Hinds judge rules for anti-abortion initiative →

Very disappointing, to say the least. It’s also disappointing that the CL calls “personhood” simply “anti-abortion” because it goes so far beyond that one issue.

A Hinds County judge has ruled in favor of allowing an anti-abortion initiative on Mississippi’s 2011 ballot.

“(The initiative) has received more than the required amount of signatures to be placed on the ballot and the Constitution recognizes the right of citizens to amend their Constitution,” Judge Malcolm Harrison ruled in an order signed today.

The ballot initiative would allow voters to decide whether Mississippi’s Constitution should be amended to define life as beginning at conception.

Supporters of the “personhood” amendment gathered more than 106,000 signatures to get it on the ballot in 2011.

The lawsuit, filed by two Oxford women, had argued that the initiative process cannot be used to rewrite the state Bill of Rights — which they said the personhood amendment would do.

The case is expected to be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

Via the Clarion Ledger

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1st May 2010

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Every sperm is sacred, from monty pyton. for those of you who weren’t going to click through on that link, i just had to include it!

it isn’t such a far cry from personhood, is it?

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30th April 2010

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We need to make people aware of a serious, overlooked yet CRUCIAL element of life.


Sperm is the “start of a person”, and yet men everywhere recklessly abandon millions of these PEOPLE when they masturbate into tissues and trashcans everyday, and sometimes even at night while they sleep!

Won’t someone think about the BABIES! Personhood! OMG! SAVE THE PREBORN! We must ban men’s masturbation NOW!! BABIES! OMG BABIES! SAVE THEM! LIFE LIFE LIFE!! PERSONHOOD! We must make sure men feel ashamed of themselves every time they kill these people! We need to harrass them at adult video stores, threaten their safety! Carry signs! Drive around with billboards! Masturbation is AGAINST Biblical teachings! It’s a SIN! It’S MURDER! OMG THOU SHALL NOT KILL! This is NOT a difficult concept! Save the babies by shaming the evil, wicked men!

i am always reminded of the time that a local activist, brent cox, suggested that we give the anti-abortion protesters outside the clinic here a hard time by singing "every sperm is sacred" from monty python. i still think that’s a really great idea :)

The Ramblings of Miss Pissykitty

 I am filled with joy.

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8th April 2010

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"personhood" in mississippi

we’re #1! we’re #1! unfortunately, here in mississippi #1 is rarely something that we can be proud of. we are first in the nation in teen birth rates, and infections of gonorrhea and chlamydia. we are also one of the most obese states, high in poverty rates, infant mortality rates and many other things that tell us that a lot needs to change in our state. as anyone reading the news lately is aware, homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism are rampant here.

now, it seems we have the chance to be #1 again in another way that is extremely damaging to women and girls: we are poised to be the first state to vote on and pass “personhood”. for years personhood initiatives run by anti-choice extremists have been working in states around the nation to have a fertilized egg classified as a person, with all the rights of a living, breathing human being. they say that life begins at conception, and hope that personhood if passed would ban abortion. however, the personhood debate goes so far beyond abortion that my mind boggles at the potential ramifications for women’s health and reproductive freedom. if these extremists have thought beyond abortion on this issue, they clearly do not care, believing that the end justifies the means in the realm of “baby saving”.

yet, despite several years of effort, personhood has received little attention and support from more mainstream anti-choice organizations and has not until now made it to a vote in mississippi. personhood mississippi has fallen short of gathering the necessary signatures for several years prior to this one, and getting those signatures is not an easy task. their success this year is likely due to less radical anti-choice advocates and organizations finally getting involved. in the past, it seems these organizations were hesitant to align themselves with les riley, an ultra conservative father of eleven and a member of the constitution party who advocates christians setting up their own “independent nation” in south carolina. i had the opportunity to hear riley speak at a “healthcare forum” in jackson that was basically a tea party, and i have to say that at best he comes off a slightly imbalanced.  when visiting the personhood mississippi website many of the organizations one would expect to find endorsing such an initiative (such as the tupelo, ms based American Family Association) are conspicuously absent.

what would it mean if personhood were to pass in mississippi? the wording is so vague no one really knows, because so much would be up for interpretation after the fact. in a clarion ledger piece, felicia brown-williams the regional director of public policy for planned parenthood southeast notes:

…this initiative could potentially ban commonly prescribed forms of contraception like the pill and IUDs and could even prevent women who desperately want families from utilizing assisted reproductive technology like In-Vitro fertilization.

The people of Mississippi need to know that this amendment puts women’s health in real jeopardy. Potentially, a pregnant woman experiencing complications that threaten her life or health would be unable to obtain an abortion or seek treatment for a disease or condition that might harm the fetus. Doctors could be medically liable for prescribing the care that would protect the health of the woman.

questions that spring to my mind include:

  • would there need to be a criminal investigation for every miscarriage? if so, women might not seek medical treatment in the event of a miscarriage.
  • what about women who smoke or consume alcohol during the first trimester when many do not realize they are pregnant? even if they stop once they are aware of the pregnancy, would this be considered “child” abuse?
  • how about women who are trapped in abusive relationships? would she be charged with “child” endangerment for staying with a boyfriend or husband who beats her while pregnant?
  • if a woman cannot afford health care during her pregnancy, is that “child” endangerment or abuse?

these are just a few of the first things that spring into my mind, i am sure there are many more that may occur to you. make no mistake, just like all anti-choice extremists the advocates of personhood are the same people who don’t want any government assistance to keep the child alive once it is born; they are the same people who are against birth control and teaching sex education to teens; they are the same white elitists who don’t want “obamacare” and say “your heath is your problem, not mine!” i’ve long since tried to stop wrapping my head around the “logic” that wants to save a fetus and then let it starve or die once it’s actually a living breathing human being. it’s a disconnect of not only thinking but of humanity, something they claim to want to “save”.

we have a fight on our hands, mississippi, and fight we will. personhood in my mind reduces women to little more than walking, talking incubators who if not already pregnant ought to be. you will have to kill me before you take the right to control my own body away from me! the sad thing is, whatever rights they want to grant to the fetus will be taken away as soon as she is born female. human rights only until birth?

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