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23rd September 2011

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As Mississippi Debates Extreme 'Personhood' Amendment, Advocates Ask Where Are The Dems? →


A wonderful article on Huffington Post about what’s going on here in Mississippi.

…Hemmins and the No on 26 campaign said they are frustrated with the majority of Democratic politicians in Mississippi for refusing to publicly oppose the amendment.

“There’s been a lot of ‘off the record’ sentiment, but it’s really disappointing to not see state leadership publicly talk about the shortcomings and dangers of this initiative for the women and families of Mississippi,” said Leola Reis, a spokesperson for the No on 26 campaign.

The personhood measure actually has a fair amount of support from Mississippi Democrats. Jim Hood, the Democratic Attorney General, endorsed the amendment in a statement and said he would defend it if it were challenged. A spokesperson for Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, the Democratic candidate for governor, told HuffPost that that he supports the amendment as well, despite his “concerns about some of the ramifications.”

But of all the Democrats in the State Senate, only two were willing to discuss the ballot measure at all, when called by HuffPost…

Read the full article at HuffPo’s website. Please share it widely!!

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23rd September 2011

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Yes on 26 Launches Fake Website →


The Jackson Free Press reports:

The campaign working in support of the Personhood Amendment has launched a fake website to attack the Political Action Committee working against the ballot measure that would redefine the word person in the state Constitution. “Yes on 26” is using the site to call out Mississippians for Healthy Families’ registered officers Nsombi Lambright of the ACLU and Kay Scott of Planned Parenthood. The site attacks the organizations for their position on abortion rights.

Read the full story on their website.

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23rd September 2011

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The Facts about Amendment 26 →


From the Daily Mississippian:

…But on Nov. 8, birth control could become illegal in the state of Mississippi; yet another unintended consequence of Initiative 26. This so-called “Personhood Amendment” will change the legal definition of the word “person” in Article 111 of the state constitution to include “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

Read the full article on their site

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